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Dear Verena Knitters,

Since 2008 Vikant Crafts Publishing has been bringing the European style of Verena Knitting Magazine in translation from the German to English speaking readers around the world. Every issue, filled with beautiful European designs, lavishly photographed in exotic locales has been enormously well received.

Verena Knitting is filled with knitting fashion inspiration, runway reports, technical and informative articles and material updates along with instructions for nearly 80 projects in multiple sizes. The unbelievable amount of editorial in Verena has not been subsidized by advertising like other knitting magazines in the North American market. Verena is practically all editorial content! We believe that our inspiring photographs act as a catalog of choices for knitters.

In a world of diminishing resources, and disappearing magazines, we are looking to become more sustainable, while still delivering to readers the spectacular images and European perspective they have come to expect from Verena. Our website, is fast, green and economical. From there you can download easy to read instructions to print or go paperless. Online patterns show multiple Garment Views that we could never fit in the printed magazine. This feature is extremely popular and very useful in determining how the garment looks from all angles.

With our fiscal and environmental responsibilities we have found it necessary to make a difficult choice. To keep Verena the same we would have to dramatically increase the price, which is not competitive. Therefore, with the Summer 2011 issue we will be including instructions for 30 designs in the magazine. Subscribers will have 10 more available in their Bonus Collection. The balance of the designs from Verena Stricken will be shown in the magazine as images in a clearly labeled "Web Only" section, and made available for individual purchase on our website. Subscribers will continue to get up to 40% off patterns in the Web Only Collection. In this way, we can continue to make all of the gorgeous designs from Verena Stricken available in English and establish a more viable model for Verena Knitting. We hope you will find that it proves to be the most efficient and value packed solution to our continued success in a publishing industry that keeps losing great print magazines to internet only publications.

As a loyal Verena subscriber you get easy to read PDFs of all 30 patterns in the magazine, with our additional Garment Views from every angle, PLUS 10 more bonus PDFs PLUS up to 40% off any additional pattern purchases from our Pattern Shop!

Beginning with the Summer issue we are reducing our cover price by $1 to $6.99. This will make Verena Knitting a comparable value with other knitting magazines in the North American market.